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Gallery Clean-up Initiative.


I did some pre-loading optimization tests for the art galleries. It works, but its tedious, which means I'm going to have to go in and do it for every image but theres also some other house cleaning to do. I actually might redo the galley entirely and handle it via vue. Another thing thats an issue is that images are getting cut off so, I need to probably box those in somehow. Also upload new art. bluhhh, and a comic viewer. Man. Groan. But its stuff to work on!

Working Hard or Hardly Workin?


Finally getting some kind of personal rhythm of working 8 hours and coming how with the drive to still be creative for myself. I've been working with a close friend on a different project but I think I'm finding a stride that lets me work on multiple projects and still enjoy a bit of a personal life.

Wrote some lore and world building for Cyborg Depot, and found some good inspiration. Changed some fundamental things, but the characters still really need to be fleshed out and I need to examine my ideas for a gameplay loop. I still have a fascination with games that let you 'tab out' and do other things without being punished. I'm a natural multi-tasker and I really struggle playing games that don't let me do other things while I'm playing them.

An aside, I still need to figure out why my image gallery is loading slowly or not at all. Clearly its struggling with loading all the images. Maybe I need to consider learning about some kind of javascript batch loader or something.

Happy Birthday to Me! Also an update!


Let me just dust this off real quick. I've been busy securing a new apartment in a new city and thats been extremely stressful and taxing! But I'm happy to say I've got employment waiting for me and things are really starting to roll forward in my life.

I've been working on really learning javaScript the biggest issue is just figuring out a nice workflow since its so hard to 'test' javascript code thanks to modern security in browsers. I think the games page is just going to become a test page for a while as I play around with java script, or I could put it under projects in TODO. My first goal is to build a simple visual novel engine or cutscene generator. Something that you click and it smoothly progresses text and swaps images out as needed.

I am trying to keep myself from throwing myself viciously into a project thought, as I've overworked myself a bit.

Design is dead, Links are live.

5/3/19 - 7:46 pm

So, I killed the design page. I realized that realistically while I like my graphic design work, it can get shunted into art under a new banner eventually. This works a lot better because I really wanted a links page and I think this is a much more harmonious implementation of that.

The internet has become so 'small', I actually had to really dig through my old stuff to find links to places I wanted to include. I'm sure it'll grow with time as I remember places. It's a real shame that we all basically frequent the same x sites and a lot of discovery is dead or niche. I miss webrings the most I think, and directories like anime turnpike, places that made it easy to start the rabbit hole search so to speak. Finding a fansite you like, finding it's links page and going to a different site to find another links page. That and legitimate fan mailing lists, Archive of Our Own is amazing, but a lot of social media has really sucked the community out of things, ironically. It's really hard to have community when you're in a sea of people just passing each other by with a like or thumbs up.

Enough of that though, I've officially implemented all the pages to a functional state. I still want to write a little javascript handler for these blog posts, and clean up a few more things like a favicon and a banner for people to link to me with on neocities. But with the big work out of the way, I can start working on other projects to go on that games page. I also wanna write up my first article for the dev page.

Developer Page Online.

4/29/19 - 10:05pm

Got my TODO/projects page up and functioning. Theres not a lot on there right now just because my current project is this site haha. I ended up drawing the banners twice because I wasn't happy with the initial coloring I went with for them. I didn't see a reason for them to react on highlight since they weren't clickable so I had colored them entirely at first but that also looked...hokey, I guess. I'm pleased with the compromise, theres some color now but its not overpowering.

I think I've settled how I want to add links and a guest book. They'll be up at the top as signs with the title of the site, so please look forward to it. Not sure what I'm going to link too.

That's not the main focus of my next update though, my goal is to get the design page up, but I'm really unsure how I wanna display my graphic design stuff. It's not as cut and try as illustrations since most of it is transparent background text work. One thought was a sort of pseudo-monitor frame that you click on things and they show up on it.Another thing to think about is a favicon, I think I wanna do a raindrop but mannn 16x16 is hard to work with. I guess I can just be careful about the design and shrink it down.

Galleries ONLINE!

4/28/19 - 12:38am

Woof, this was a lot of repetitive work, but I got to write my first baby lines of javascript for the site! Just two little functions for turning an overlay on and off and passing an image path to it. There are a few hiccups with the galleries, some missing links and some images might be too big, but thats future Nachte's problem.

I spent most of today working on a language parser in python. Pretty interesting stuff, but university work always manages to drain the fun out of programming somehow, I did get most of it finished. It parses a pretty simple language, similiar to assembly. The only part I haven't finished is jump commands. Thats on the docket tomorrow, but tonight I stopped a bit early so I could get all like eight billion images uploaded to the gallery.

I'm mostly a BL artist with a bunch of interest in robot guys, so I'm sure thats not to everybodies taste but thats the benefit of the internet right, can't cater to everybody but everybody can find someone who does in fact cater to them. I didn't post up everything I have, that would take absolute eons to get all my work posted, it's more of just a 'greatest hits' and things I still like that I've drawn over the years. I do have a bunch of comics I've drawn that I'd like to get up, but I'll need to build a reasonable viewer for them first so thats an update for another day.

The next javascript thing I'd like to get functioning is making the date for these posts automatically add itself. I've also debated writing a comments engine, but I'm not sure I wanna deal with the potential user abuse that could bring. We'll see, right now neocities' comments get the job done I think. I got complimented on my site and it really flustered me, but also made me want to work hard on it!


4/24/19 - 7:57pm

Simple contruction update. I've moved from a more oldschool approach to the layout using fixed and relative to a flexbox method! It's much more...flexible. I've been learning a lot about CSS with this website. My own knowledge is woefully out of date, I still remember the era where we used float and it was awful, and before that of course was the great and wonderful era of table layouts.

I think I'm at a position where I want to finally get this up on neocities so that I can publically document my work on the site. I need to figure out a header and a name. D1g1tal R41n is a name literally directly out of the late 90s, early 00s from when I wanted to make a website but I was an idiot 10 year old. Back then of course, I wanted it to be covered in purple and themed around Duo Maxwell.

Though, honestly, I think I will keep the name, it conjures a certain era and always makes me think of white noise or static. This is supposed to be unapologetically a love song to the website I desperately wanted to be able to make when I was a pre-teen so keeping the name seems true to me.

Some things I do know I want to implement while I'm thinking about them:

  • backgrounds for these posts that colorin on highlight
  • somewhere to put neocities banners, likely at the bottom.
  • ....guest..book?
  • undecided on some kind of texture to break up the black.

Content Title Sure goes here.

4/10/19 - 2:30am

Huh, I can't believe I'm programming my own website and blog, kid me would have thrown a shit fit at this. Hell, me from 5 years ago would have thought this hilarious. But it turns out I'm somehow going to graduate college as a computer scientist, hell I'm learning javascript for fun. Really this is just kind of overwhelming, I've always been into technology but art always took front seat. But after I grew up a bit, I realized attending college for something I was already practicing at a professional level seemed like a serious waste of money.

I'm going to need to put these paragraphs into a div I bet, I'm not to sure how I want to organize these blog posts, but I guess the like 2 readers I have will never see the work in progress version of this, only the finished product, whatever that ends up looking like. Maybe I'll actually write about things that interest me on here. Wow this looks awful. It's impressive how much work goes into the code behind just a single blog post to make it look good. There's a lot of stuff people never see tucked behind their wordpress templates and tumblr dashboard. I'm sure its gunna take me like 4 hours to get this looking nice and the code is probably going to be filled with worst practices. I mean thats understandable, this is the first real thing I've built in html and css.

Hm, the Title of this should probably link to a longer blog post and I should maybe think about images at some point, but right now I'm mostly just jazzed that I actually good this looking ok with minimal effort. Damn.